The Atlantic Study And Stay Program

Canada’s Atlantic regions stated they will attempt to draw in foreign undergraduates and students in order to help them to set up a permanent status and careers in the province after they complete their studies.

Utilizing a pilot program created by the region of Nova Scotia, every one of the four Atlantic regions will present a program in a bid to help foreign students with career improvement and employability. This program presents a nice platform for students who are looking to start up their career in Canada.

Since the pilot started in 2017, it has pulled in excess of 1,800 skilled foreigners and students who have studied or are studying in Atlantic Canada.

A statement by Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussein stated that the four Atlantic regions, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island (PEI), are set to introduce programs to help students who wish to establish their career permanently in Canada.

The program will supplement the ongoing Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) as a component of more extensive activity to pull in more workers to the Atlantic area.

In the month February 2018, the government of the Atlantic region with help from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees Canada, reported the extension of the Study and Stay program to the remaining three regions to draw in and retain more students from other country, with some change been made to the program to meet the needs of the different provinces.

The study and stay pilot program is created to attract and retain interested international students and it is currently running only in the province of Nova Scotia. The program is open to foreign students residing in the province and schooling in publicly financed colleges or universities.

Candidates who have interest for this program, that is, international students who wish to study and stay in Canada after their studies, can apply for the program the same time they submit their application for studies in Nova Scotia.

When a student is accepted into the program, they enjoy some of the benefits and exceptional opportunities which will help speed up the process of establishing their careers:

  • A face-to-face employment counselling with an EduNova Retention Coordinator
  • Make contacts with people and professionals around the province.
  • Yearly withdraws with the program to assemble associations and get ready for future work
  • Complete a work arrangement program to increase significant work environment experience

These open doors will give Study and Stay international students a huge bit of leeway when it comes time to look for Canadian work after graduation.

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